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Each month, Cúrate managers select one front-of-house and one back-of-house employee for recognition. This month, we recognize Regan and Iris.

Regan Cannon


“Our front-of-house employee of the month for December is Regan Cannon. Since Regan came onto our staff a few months ago, his bartending knowledge and experience have been apparent since day one. His skill and talent as a bartender have been much appreciated, and every great bar needs people like Regan. Learning how to work at Cúrate can sometimes be tough, because there is so much to learn on top of being so busy. Regan has really found his stride and we are happy to see how well he has come along!” -Mark Baker, assistant manager.

Regan received a gift card to Ananda as a token of recognition.

Iris Rodriguez


“Iris Rodriguez, line cook, is our back-of-house awesome employee this month. As a student at AB Tech, Iris is just beginning her career in the culinary world. It isn’t easy to work a full-time job at Curate while being a student, but she’s doing it and doing it well. Iris is one of our chefs that we like to point out to new employees as someone to emulate. We’re thrilled she is starting her career here with us.” -Frank Muller, director of culinary operations.

Iris’ gift card is to Asheville Pizza & Brewing.

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