Cúrate lunch & dinner menu

(download the pdf) *menu subject to change

fritura…from the fryer

chistorra & chips josé’s way (TNF)
spicy chorizo wrapped in potato chips, the perfect snack

croquetas de setas (TNF)
sautéed mushroom and béchamel fritters

*patatas bravas (LF, TNF)
crispy fried potatoes topped with a slightly spicy tomato and garlic sauce (V: no all i oli)

berenjenas con miel (TNF)
fried eggplant drizzled in wild mountain
honey, garnished w/ rosemary

pescado en adobo (TNF,LF)
marinated and tempura-fried seasonal white fish and piparras

tapas frias…cold small plates

ajo blanco con cangrejo (LF)
a trip to málaga, chilled almond and garlic soup, dungeness crab, green grapes, and pedro ximenez (V:No Crab)

sardinas curadas (LF,GF)
salt cured sardines, pickled raspberries, toasted pistachio (inspired by an elBulli flavor combination)

*ensaladilla rusa (LF,TNF)
classic spanish potato salad w/carrot, hardboiled egg, spanish bonito tuna, piquillo peppers, and peas (GF:No Bread)

escalivada con anchoas (LF,TNF)
josper grilled red bell peppers, onion & eggplant, reserve sherry vinaigrette, and spanish anchovies (V:No Anch) (GF:No bread)

*espárragos blancos (GF,LF,TNF)
white asparagus tossed in a lemon vinaigrette & served w/a “light as air” mayonnaise and tarragon (V:No Mayo)

ensalada de guisantes (GF,TNF,LF)
sugar snap pea and shaved fennel salad with petite greens, radish, lemon vinaigrette, and salted yogurt (V,LF:No Yogurt)

pulpo a la gallega (GF,TNF)
galician style octopus served warm w/sea salt, olive oil, spanish paprika, and yukon gold potato purée (LF:No Puree)


*atun y piparra (LF,TNF)
spanish bonito tuna, josper-grilled onion and red bell pepper, piparras, hardboiled egg, arbequina olive oil mayonnaise

lomo ibérico con queso (TNF)
fermín ibérico pork loin and smoked ibérico belly, manchego cheese, crispy shallot, tomato bread

*bocata de calamares (TNF)
fried squid, shrimp shell all i oli, and lemon zest, a typical madrid standard

tapas calientes…hot small plates

brandada de bacalao (TNF,LF)
traditional cod & potato pureé served hot with crisp bread (GF crackers on request)

*tortilla española (LF,TNF)
spanish potato and onion omelet

pimientos de piquillo rellenos
piquillo peppers stuffed w/ spanish goat cheese (GF,TNF)

setas al jerez (GF,LF,TNF)
sautéed mushrooms with a splash of sherry (V: No Sherry)

espinacas a la catalana (GF,LF)
sautéed spinach, apples, raisins, and toasted pine nuts (TNF: No Pine Nuts, V: No Sherry)

carabinero (GF,LF,TNF)
the famous large head-on mediterranean prawn, prepared simply “a la plancha” with sea salt

gambas al ajillo (GF,LF,TNF)
sautéed shrimp with sliced garlic, sherry, and chili pepper

albondigas (TNF,LF)
meatballs with cured ibérico ham in a tomato sauce that makes Felix’s mother proud

morcilla casera (GF)
housemade blood sausage, cippollini onions, goat cheese, toasted pine nuts, and sherry vinegar reduction

josper…charcoal grilled

espárragos verdes con romesco (LF,V)
grilled green asparagus with a hazelnut and almond romesco sauce

*butifarra con mongetes (LF,GF,TNF)
mild pork sausage served with sautéed white beans & all i oli

*pincho moruno (LF,GF,TNF)
lamb skewers marinated in moorish spices served with cucumber pickles

cerdo iberico a las finas hierbas
grilled 100% fermin pure ibérico pork, “skirt steak” with fresh rosemary and thyme (LF,GF,TNF)

trucha al horno (GF,LF)
grilled whole sunburst trout served with a parsley and hazelnut picada

cochinillo (LF,GF,TNF)
a tradition from segovia, a quarter of a roasted suckling pig raised by Sebastian Bayon

arroces/paellas…rices and paellas

*rossejat negro (TNF)
thin noodles prepared paella style, squid in its ink, shellfish stock, garnished with all i oli and salsa verde, the essence of the ocean

paella de verduras (GF,LF,TNF)
vegetable rice with peppers, artichoke, and mushrooms please plan ahead as this dish has a 40-minute preparation (V: No All I Olli)

postres…desserts by Carmen Vaquera

crujiente de chocolate y kikos (GF,TNF)
dark chocolate custard, sea salt, candied corn nuts, rosemary, orange sorbet

pastel de piñones y aceite de oliva
toasted pine nut cake, arbequina olive oil, lemon-moscatel marmalade, goat milk ice cream

merengue de “gin & tonic” (GF,TNF)
gin-soaked berries, vanilla-yogurt ice cream, torched meringue, tonic snow

crema catalana (GF,TNF)
pine-infused custard, torched sugar, candied lemon, fresh berries

tarta líquida
baked to order molten marcona almond tart souffle, px cherry sorbet
(please plan ahead as this dish has a 20-minute preparation)

cafés…from counter culture coffee

café solo espresso

espresso “cut” with a splash of steamed milk

café con leche espresso with steamed milk

drip coffee

espresso with a splash of your preferred spirit / espresso with your preferred spirit and a splash of milk

chocolate caliente
house-made stir- your-own hot chocolate

Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday 11:30am until 3pm. Our brunch menu is offered in addition to our full lunch & dinner menu.

food allergies?
please notify your server!

GF: Gluten Free
LF: Lactose Free
V: Vegan
TNF: Tree Nut Free

we compost all paper & food materials our bread is produced in a facility handling tree nuts, milk, eggs and soy.

*this menu item contains raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood shellfish or eggs consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.